How to get ready for a party? ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog.ย  As you know if we say summer we say parties.ย  so today I’m gonna show you how to get ready for a party. ย  So let’s get into it but before it all don’t forget to follow me here and on instagram.
First, we should start with taking a shower to feel fresh and clean. so as I have a weak and flurried hair ย I use my DUCRAY shampoo anti hairloss which helped my hair so well.

. Then I wash my body with LE PETIT MARSEILLAIS shower gel that has a very awesome smell that lasts all day longย .

And last but not least I put my essential care oil on my hair which contains argan oil to make it smouth and shiny.


Then I go ahead to take care of my face.I clean my face with my neutrogena cream that I talk about it last time, I exfoliate it to get rid of dead skin and impuritiesย  then I apply my SVR moistrizer to make my skin soft, brilliant and fresh.

And now we will go to the best part choosing the party outfitย  : And this are some Ideas :

Then we will do a simple and a cute hairstyle.ย  And this is the most easy and simple hairstyle I have ever done moreover it’s very elegant.

And the best and last thing is doing the make-up. I start with applying my best foundation ever ESTEE LAUDER double-wear foundation which hase a very soft and natural finish.

Then I usually use for parties this max&more palette to do smokey eyes which has a very pigmented colors.

I use for blush, bronzer and highlighter tanya burrย palette

And finally,ย I use the one lip stick/balm for my lip which is also so natural and pretty.

.ย  And the last touch is putting my black opuim perfume and that’s it let the party begin.


And yeah, that’s all thank you for reading my post and please don’t forget to do a thumbs-up and follow me and I’ll be so grateful ย ๐Ÿ™‚ โค



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