My school spring routine

Hi girlz , It’s me again and I’m back for a new article “ My morning spring routine

Today I have class at 10 AM so I’m getting up at 7 Am to take my time in getting ready.


So the first thing I do when I open my eyes is drinking some water because it helps in eliminating toxines and feeling more awoke .

Then I head for the bathroom where I start my skin routine . Fisrt of all , Iwash my face using my neutrogena cream cleaner which I love it so so much because it  helped me in getting rid partially of black heads .


then I exfoliate my face using sonia forever exfoliator which is made with aloe vera .


I found it so nice because it’s so gentle and soft so you can use it 3 times or even more a week . It makes my face soft ,clean and especially so refreshed . Finally I use my nuxe moistrizer that I’ve been using it more than a year and I’m so satisfied about the results.(If you want a review about some nuxe products tell me in comments )

After that I go to the kitchen to prepare the most satisfying project in the day “BREAKFAST”.So today I’m preparing a strawberry -banana smoothie with some nuts and I eat it while watching my favorite tv show . Those days I’m in love with “13 reasons why” I found it so orginal and attractive . I’m in love ❤


After I take my time in relishing my regal breakfast , I go to my room to prepare myself . I usually wear some comfy clothes to feel at ease at school.Today I’m wearing pastel colors with  a touch of floral for this spring day.picsart_05-11-09-41-53.jpg

Finally,I put my favorite perfume off all time DIOR HYPNOTIC POISON  I take my packback then I head for school and start my hard day .


I wish that my morning routine inspired and impressed you . Tell me in comments what you think about it and I’ll be happy for receiving all your criticism .

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