Empties : Review

hello sweeties . I’m finally back after a long absence as usual 😛 . So today my post will be about my review about some products that I finished using it . So if you’re interested stay with me 😀

1-phytéal ultraliss serum :

*strengths :

this product is literally amazing as you can see in the image it says that it’s smoothing and treats the hair and it absolutely does his work in a perfect way . I have a semi-curly hair which was in a huge disaster ( because of heat and the unhealthy food I eat …) but this product it survived my life . Now my hair is so smooth so nourished it is not aggresive anymore and i can easly comb it after I was really struggling this . It looks like he gives the life to my hair . In addition to that this product has a really nice smell not like other products that you only smell chemicals and etc
* weaknesses :
there isn no weak side for this magical, product except i found the bottle too small (only 200ml)

2-Daylong extreme sun protector :
I used this product in the summer and I really liked the result it protects your skin very well especially because its 50 SPF .
-I give this product a big thumbs up because the bottle is huge that it lasts all the summer (500ml)
-this products lasts 6 hours so you can apply it only 2 times in all the day
*weaknesses :
i really don’t like the smell . i found it so weird and not nice even a lot of people said the the smell is so normal but I don’t know just I didn’t appreciate the smell .
– the most weak point in this product is it’s texture . I found it a bit tacky and viscid. So you feel like youn put somthing on your face so I don’t like this result too much. 😦


3-nihel dissolvent 
the best thing in this naim polish remover is the smell . It smells absolutely the coco and it removes the nail polish so well , It is not the best dissolvent but it is still good and cheap according to other removers
*weaknesses :
since I have a weak and sensitive nails , This dissolvent add fuel to the fire . It gives them instantly a weak effect but hopefully this doesn’t last a long period just some moments and this effect disappears

4-ingot permeable nail polish :

*strengths : 
since we are talking about nails and dissolvents let me talk about this permeable nail polish.It has anything special excpet its amazing color ( Im a nude lover) its brush and opacity
*weaknesses :
a give this nail polish a big thumbs down because it doesnt last a long time it easilly gets cracked even when you wash your hands you should every two hours at least

5-pupa milano lipstick :
*strengths :

I’m not a makeup professional and I rarely put it but I have this lipstick since a very long time so I wanted to talk about it . it has a very amazing metallic color and it’s so trendy It is so soft and so creamy . It doesnt dehydrate your lips but it works like a lip balm .
this lipstick is not matte so you cannot drink or eat with it and you should reapply it regularly .

6-cocochanel perfume
*strengths :
I’m a big perfume lover and this one is slaying . It has a strong smell with a little bit af sweetness . Idk how to describe it but it is literally amazing . But I only put it in winter nights or some parties
*weaknesses :
since this perfume scent is so strong you can not put it to school or work . and it doesn’t go with summer time or spring . I found it a seasonal perfume .


7-Differine ointment :

*strengths :
currently , I’m struggling with acne and black heads so my dermatologist advices me to buy this ointment to reduce the blackheads . And amazingly it works !! my black heads reduced and even the acne gets smaller and smaller and this was Instantly . It has really saved my life
*weaknesses :
As usual this product has a little tacky residue on the face and it smells the chemicals .


So that’s all for today thank you som much for reading and if you like son’t forget to like it and follow me if you don’t . see you next time and in a next post




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