6 Habits will change your life

hello sweeties and welcome back for a new post . Today it will be about 6 good habits that may change your life in a better way so let’s get started . ==>

1-being a morning person :

getting up early is such a nice thing that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the morning time in practising sport , yoga , studying , preparing your todo list … and this will make you feel that the day is long that you can be productive and finish all your works .


2-Drinking 2 liters of water per a day  :

I know now it is winter and I know you rarely feel thirsty but even though it’s so necessary to drink too much water because that helps you to stay hydrated ; to clean and moisturize your skin , to eliminate toxins and stimulate blood circulation and it will be more effective in the morning  it will also give you a vibe of freshness and energy.


3. Define Your Priorities :

One of the big reasons why you’re not reaching your goals is likely to do with how much you have on your plate, professionally and personally. It’s likely you’re trying to do too many things at the same time. Ask yourself: what are your ultimate goals? Once you’ve defined them, drop everything that doesn’t cater to them. You can always come back to these things later, after you’ve established what’s most important to you.


4-practising sport :

sport is good for mind, body and spirit . It requires a lot of time and energy .Clearly, sports will improve your fitness and weight goals. However, they also encourage healthy decisions such as not smoking or drinking and offer hidden health benefits such as a lower chance of getting osteoporosis or breast cancer later in life.


5-social media detox:

I know that social medias are so important in our lifes that gives you the opportunity to discover what is happening outside , what are the latest news ; to have fun , chat … and I know that most of us are addicted to it . But in this case , social medias will disrupt you from doing your goals , works studies …. So you should know when to use your phone and your pc and when you should get rid of them to live your really life and succeed in it .


6- having a night /morning skin routine :

Having a morning / night skin routine or both of them is so important because our skins are the most sensitive thing in your body that needs a lot of care . So when you have a night /morning skin routine (cleaning/toning /exfoliating/moisturizing…) will be a habit according to you and you will not feel lazy about doing it .


So yep this is all fo today I wish that this will serve and help you  . See you next time



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