HOW TO SURVIVE EXAMS : 5 studying tips and hacks

Hello and welcome to my blog in a new post . As exams are here in many countries and we’re getting stressed and anxious,I’m here today to give you some tips and hacks to revise and prepare for your exams in the right way .
1-note everything in your planner :
So my best and effective one is to have a planner where you wrote your homework,your exams and project date or even your revision schedule. It’s a savior hack that let you always organized

2-sticky notes :
my second hack is to use the sticky notes which are the best invention i’ve seen . you can write your notes ,some motivating quotes ,the maths theoremes and rules or something that you’re always frogetting and stick them everywhere .It will save your life especially if you have “the alzheimer” like me πŸ˜›
3-stay updated :
This tip will really help you to avoid the stress the night before the exam . So after you come back from school ,re-read all what you ‘ve studied and do some quizzes about your lessons and do your homework in the same day even when you need it after a week or two because that will make you feel comfortable and organized .
4-do a serious work :
when you start working let your phone and pc far from you,make a timer and just focus on your work if you can’t you can use this app on your pc that will disable all the sites and apps that can disperses your mind .So first write your name and e-mail then you’ll recieve a site on your e-mail to download the app


After it completes downloading and you open it type the web sites that you want to disable or the application too , press next and adjust your focus duration and break duration and finally press FOCUS NOW and it’s working !



Β 5- highlighting :
when you’re reading your shool book or your lessons highlight the main ideas. If it’s too long put a bookmark . and now I’ll show you how to do a simple bookmark .So you need to:

  • use a small magnetic plate which you cut it into two small pieces ( like in pic )
  • cut a ribbon of a colorful paper and glue the two pieces ( let a small space between them to be able to fold it )
    and that’s it you can use it like a personalized bookmark


sam_0725and that’s it for today . I wish that you like it and stay tuned for the next post . Good luck in your exams and good bye ..

with love xoxo …


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